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Holiday Shipping Guidelines

The holiday season is a time for joy, love, and merriment. It’s also a time to share your love for friends and family near and far. As the holidays are upon us, it’s important to remember the spirit of the holiday season as a time of spreading love. We at Alki Mail & Dispatch want to make the season as easy as we can for you. We have compiled a simple list of Holiday Shipping Practices that can lighten your load this holiday season.

  1. The sooner the better: So many of us feel the stress of the holidays and are left with unappealing last-minute shipping prices. Bring your packages in sooner and benefit from a lower-cost shipping rate that still arrives safely and in plenty of time for the holiday season.
  2. Carrier flexibility: We are one of few shipping centers in West Seattle that provide the flexibility of shipping through multiple carriers like UPS, US Mail, Airborne Express, DHL and FedEx. We have a healthy working relationship with all of our carriers and we will offer you the best options to get your package to its destination safely and at an affordable cost. If you are shipping multiple packages, there isn’t any reason to ship all of them on one carrier—let’s evaluate all of the options for you.
  3. Packaging: You’ve got plenty to do this holiday season—bring your products in and we can provide a shipping container that matches your need. If we can take one item off your to-do list this holiday season canada goose coats parka Canada Goose parka replica discounts, we would be happy to do so.
  4. Spread the love: Most importantly—remember to spread the joy and happiness of the holiday season with your loved ones near and far.

Happy Holidays from the staff at Alki Mail & Dispatch!

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