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“I’ve been a patron of Alki Mail and Dispatch for close to a decade now – using just about every amenity they offer and have never been disappointed. The grandest thing I experience when I enter their shop is the friendly greetings and warm smiles. Professional, courteous service is one thing but to feel like you’re an integral part of a family owned neighborhood business is quite another thing. I am able to get my daily morning latte while taking care of all my correspondence and shipping needs. I am not merely a customer to Don and his knowledgeable staff, I am their friend and neighbor – and they are mine.”

— Virgil Dosher

“I live in W. Seattle’s Admiral neighborhood and work from home as a freelance writer. Living near Alki Mail has been a blessing. Not only do I enjoy walking over for a mid-morning Americano and a visit with Don and the gang, but Alki Mail also offers a resource for many of my (very) small business needs: I don’t own a fax or copy machine, so I come to Alki Mail if I need to make copies or zap contracts to editors. Mailing packages via Fed Ex, DHL, etc. is a snap. And in a pinch I can always come use the shop’s computers if my laptop or DSL connection acts up. Self-employed and small business like me don’t always enjoy the community of a “regular office,” but a place like Alki Mail serves as a kind of friendly neighborhood water cooler that also happens to address many of my work needs.”

— Jane Hodges

“Alki Mail & Dispatch–just like home! Don and his gang have served the Alki Community Council since the early 1990’s. We couldn’t have survived without them. One of the few places left that makes you feel at home.”

— Larry Carpenter

“The crew at Alki Mail is responsible for printing and shipping all seminar material for ProSess International and every time when I arrive in a location to speak, the box of materials is there. Every time! I consider this quite a feat as this has happened without a flaw for the last ten years, over 350 times, to 45 different countries. The remarkable professionalism of Alki Mail is key to the success of my business.”

— Mark

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